Exhibitor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be set up for the entire show? Can I just set up for one day?
We require exhibitors to be set up for the entire length of the show.

Who can exhibit at the show?
The show is open to companies and individuals who sell holiday decor, handcrafted items, unique gifts and food items. The show is a retail event so all exhibitors must have product that show what guests can purchase on-site.

How do you decide who can exhibit in the show?
The criteria for accepting new exhibitors includes:

1. The product’s potential appeal to show guests
2. How many exhibitors the show already has in the general product category
3. The appearance of the proposed exhibit

What is the cost of exhibiting in the show?
Craft booth:

Dimensions: 10 X 10
Cost: $550.00

Retail Booth:
Dimensions: 10 X 10
Cost: $675.00

Food Booth:
Dimensions: 10 X 10
Cost: $1450.00

*For corner spaces there is an additional $50 per corner.
*For larger or custom booth sizes email Gina Gumina or Mike Halloran.

Are there any additional costs?
If needed by the exhibitor, other additional costs could include:
Floor covering, tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. These can be purchased through Customer Service, 216-265-2500

Storage: Some spaces have a small amount of shared storage .

Is there a food fee?
Yes, the food fee is $1450.00. This is for food that can be consumed onsite. For example popcorn, nuts, beef jerky sticks and chocolate/candy.  Whole cakes, pies and nut rolls will not have a food fee.

What comes with my exhibit space?
1. 8′ high back drape

2. One standard 7″ X 44″ exhibitor sign
3. Listing in the Official Show Program (application and deposit must be received by deadline)
4. Listing on the show website
5. Four exhibitor ID badges
6. 24 hour security

Is electricity included with my space?
Electricity must be purchased through Customer Service (in advance or on show site- it is strongly encouraged to order in advance as the rates increase on show site).

What is the attendance?
Over 43,000 attendees in 2019.

How do I apply to exhibit in the show?
Complete an application with your company information and products you are interested i exhibiting. You may apply online, or by returning an application to us via mail, email or fax. Make sure to include a website, photos of your products, and a photo of a previous exhibit display. Once received, we will review the application and have an answer back to you within a week. Click HERE for the Exhibitor Application.

How long does it take to find out if I have been accepted to exhibit in the show?
Once all necessary documents (application and pictures of your product and exhibit display) have been received, please allow five business days for a response.

How will I be notified of my application’s status?
All notifications are emailed.

When is the deadline to apply for the show?
There is no deadline to apply for the IXCC. Applications are accepted at all times. However, if your product’s category has been filled, your application may be immediately placed on the wait list.

Do vendors have to pay to park?
Yes, $10.00 a day.

How do I restock my exhibit if it starts to get empty?
We recommend exhibitors replenish their products before the show opens or after the show closes. If an exhibitor must replenish during show hours, all items must be carried by hand to the space. Dollies or carts are not permitted in the aisles during show hours as they are a safety hazard to show guests.

What do I do if I run out of product?
Exhibitors are required to exhibit the entire length of the show. In the event you begin to run low on inventory, please keep enough products on hand to maintain your exhibit display and take orders.

Do I have to hire Union to help move in?
No, you may use a 2 wheel dolly to move in. If you would like to drive in that requires a Drive-in pass and if you need to drive a truck or trailer in you will need to hire a union worker to help move in.

How do my employees get in?
Exhibitor Badges will be held at Credentials Office, Door 35 the entire 3 days of the show. The amount of space you purchase determines the number of badges your company will receive. You must list all your workers during move-in on a list at the Credentials Office.  All exhibitors and their employees will pick up their badge at the Credentials Office. Exhibitors must have a badge to enter the show.  Exhibitor personnel may return their badge to the Credentials Office when exiting the show.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, all exhibitors are required to provide an insurance certificate covering liability for exhibit contents, personnel and show guests within the exhibit space. The certificate should list I-X Christmas Connection as an additional insured.




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