Ferris Wheel Stage Entertainment

2019 Ferris Wheel Stage presented by Malone University

Friday November 22, 2019
11:00 Maple Heights Show Choir
12:00 Magnificat High School Chorale & Show Choir
1:30 Magnificat High School Chorale & Show Choir
2:00 The Greater Cleveland Chorus
3:00 Hal Wyant
4:00 Hal Wyant
5:00 Elf Sing Along
6:30 Showstopper School of Baton and Dance
Saturday November 23, 2019
11:00 Don Ho-Ho-Ho (Island Jeff)
12:30 Don Ho-Ho-Ho (Island Jeff)
1:00 Don Ho-Ho-Ho (Island Jeff)
2:00 Victor Samalot
3:00 Victor Samalot
4:00 Tamona Robinson
5:00 Victor Samalot
6:00 Don Ho-Ho-Ho (Island Jeff)
7:00 Don Ho-Ho-Ho (Island Jeff)
Sunday November 24, 2019
11:00 Tricia Ramos
12:00 Anabella Noel
1:00 Cleveland Carolers
2:00 Anabella Noel
3:00 Oberlin Choristers
4:00 Cleveland Carolers



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